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Here you will find detailed information about our company which is the biggest producer in the Russian Federation and CIS countries of:

  • Flotated sorts of talc and microtalc
  • Talc magnesite
  • Calcium carbonate - micronised marble filler
  • Mineral powder for asphalt concrete
  • Mineral fertilizers

Main industries consuming our production are:

Vanish and paint, Chemical, Rubber, Metallurgical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Confectionary, Roofing, Insulation, Plastic, Electrode, Ceramic, Faience, Porcelain, Machine-building, Road-transport, Pulp and Paper, Pencil, Refractories industry, Cable, Pesticide, Agricultural and many others.

As the number of the consumers of ground marble, talc and its derivatives is growing all the time, and the spheres and kinds of their application are expanding, you will find the information provided at the following pages useful for both you personally and your business partners.

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Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg
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